ALICE sippy

Meet ALICE, one cup for 3 stages of growing up

She might have a wobble, but she won't spill.


ALICE sippy cup | meroware

The ALICE sippy series consists of one single bottle that pairs with a sippy spout, soft straw or kids spout, allowing it to evolve as your child grows and learns how to drink.



ALICE sippy cup | meroware

Mix and match handles and spouts so that you can select the perfect, personalised cup to suit your child. With the addition of new spouts with each development stage (and replacement every few months for general wear and tear), one bottle will ‘grow up’ with your baby, right through toddlerhood. 



Wobble but won’t spill

Though it may wobble, it will never fall or worse, spill. It closes tightly making it hard to spill, making it a relief even when outdoors. 



Always spotless

The bottle can be deconstructed into small parts, making it an easy clean. It is even dishwasher/dryer safe too. (When cleaning with the dishwasher please place it on the top rack).
The “Eastman Tritan co-polyester” bottle has elasticity yet is supple in texture. It has the transparency like glass and is odour free. 



Convenient strap for outing

The convenient shoulder strap for when outdoors. As a replacement for the sturdy grip handles, from 36 months onwards, the removable shoulder strap can be used. Stylish yet practical, adjust the straps to your child’s comfort. 



NEW ALICE kid spout 2.0 design

Fastest flowing ALICE kid spout is re-released as a new replacement part.  No need to buy a new bottle, the kid spout interchanges with any spout or straw in the ALICE sippy series. The new ALICE kid spout 2.0 clicks into the bottle ring just like the soft straw!   
Spill-resistant with the lid on, ALICE kid spout is the fastest flow rate with design meant to controls drops and tips. 


sippy soft spout

This is ALICE sippy first step after baby milk bottle stage. A large base and chubby handles are easily held by baby.

The soft spout is designed for drinking whilst tilting back or lying down.  Nipple-style spout works with bite pressure, controlling the flow of water for baby to learn to sip.

soft straw 

Soft straw is anti spill and is easy for the kids to control the amount of water flow. The weighted ball at the bottom allows drinking from any angle. 

By fixing the straw to the lid, there is no need to worry about losing small parts.  Pair with kid strap or chubby sippy handles for easy grasping

kid spout

A design that encourages the toddler’ desire to do it ‘all by themselves!’ New design clicks into place, the kid spout is easily assembled into any ALICE sippy bottle

Fast flowing hard spout is shaped like a sports water bottle. It closes tightly with outer lid making it spill resistant in mom’s bag. ALICE’s chubby handles are now replaced with a bottle grip.

From around 36 months old, the removable shoulder strap can be used! 


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