meroware original wrapping service

meroware original wrapping service

In addition to the "navy" in the left photo, you can choose the bag from "pink" and "brown".
In addition "mero tote bag" is also available for wrapping! (Right photo)

All products will be wrapped together. If you would like individual wrapping, please write it in the [Remarks column].

The wrapping fee is as follows.
● Navy, pink, brown: 385 yen x quantity
● mero tote bag: 770 yen x quantity


About [mero tote bag]
・The tote bag can hold a maximum of 2 boxed products + accessories.
・Size: 36×36cm

Select and attach meroware original message tags (three types).
*Even if you choose only the message tag, it cannot be attached, please choose wrapping and set. *Please note that messages are not included in the message tag.


Please specify the wrapping, message tag, and noshi in the "shopping cart" in the cart.

How to specify wrapping: (navy, pink, brown: 385 yen / mero tote bag: 770 yen)
Please check "Use gift service" from the shopping cart and select the desired wrapping message tag.


About Noshi

At our store, we will attach Noshi for free.
Due to the shape of the products we handle, we use "Noshi cards" for delivery.
The product and Noshi card will be placed in a special transparent bag and packed so that the Noshi card can be seen on the front.


Notes for gift wrapping service

■For those who want individual wrapping
If you purchase multiple items and do not specify individual wrapping in the remarks column, we will wrap all the items together.

■ For those who send presents directly

Please note that with "cash on delivery", the person who receives the package pays the delivery person.
Please select credit card payment.
*For gift wrapping, if the orderer and the delivery address are different, we do not include anything that shows the amount (receipts).


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