Free nationwide shipping for orders over 5,000 yen (tax excluded)

  • Honshu/Shikoku: 700 yen/ Hokkaido/Kyushu: 850 yen /Okinawa: 1,600 yen
  • Settlement fee is not included in the order amount.
  • Free shipping for orders over 10,000円 only for Okinawa.
  • A separate fee will be charged for remote islands.
  • For orders to Okinawa and remote islands, the free shipping amount will be different from usual, so we will contact you after the order is placed.

Carrier We use

  • Yamato Transport, the largest company in the industry. Please note that the delivery time will vary depending on the payment method.

 Estimated delivery

  • Please see below for an estimate of the number of days it takes from shipment to delivery.
  • Orders usually ship within two business days (weekdays only) after the deadline at 9:00 on weekdays. 
  • delivery date map



  • Delivery may be delayed due to road conditions, weather, and other factors.
  • In some areas, it may take longer than the stated delivery days.

Delivery times

You can specify your desired delivery time.


When the product arrives, please pay the total amount (product price + shipping fee + cash on delivery fee 330円) to the driver of Yamato Transport. (*Payment method is cash only)

* We do not accept payment by credit card for cash on delivery. Thank you for your understanding.


Receipt will be handed to the customer by the driver at the time of delivery. In the case of cash on delivery, the "tag slip" is the "receipt", which is an official receipt according to accounting regulations. At this time, please use the name of the delivery address as the address on the receipt.


Kuroneko Yamato will deliver it to your home mailbox for a flat rate of 210 yen nationwide. You can check the delivery status of your package on the "Kuroneko Yamato Package Inquiry System" page. → What is Nekopos?

Estimated delivery

We will deliver next day nationwide in the same delivery days as TA-Q-BIN. *Delivery may be delayed due to road conditions, weather, and other factors. *In some areas, it may take longer than the stated delivery days. *We cannot specify the date and time.

Compatible sizes

[Upper limit] Square A4 size (length: within 31.2 cm, width: within 22.8 cm)
[Lower limit] Vertical 23 cm or more, horizontal 11.5 cm or more
Thickness: Within 2.5cm
Weight: within 1kg

For products that are "compatible with Nekopos", the approximate number of items that can be sent is listed on each product page. Please note that if you specify a product or wrapping service that is not compatible with Nekopos, you cannot use Nekopos.

Precautions when using

  • Only products that are "compatible with Nekopos" can be used.
  • If you wish to have the product delivered by Nekopos for a product that is not compatible with Nekopos, we will change it to a courier service and ship it.
  • If you purchase a product that is not compatible with "Nekopos" together with a product that is compatible with "Nekopos", or if you exceed the specified number of compatible products, you cannot use "Nekopos". We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will change the shipping method to courier service.
  • If you wish to use "Nekopos", you cannot use "Cash on delivery" as a payment method (because of post-mailing).
  • I cannot accept the designation on the date and time. If you would like delivery on a fixed date and time, please use the courier service of "Yamato Transport".
  • If the package does not fit in the delivery address, a contact form will be posted. Please request redelivery within 7 days after posting the contact form. At the time of redelivery, it will be a face-to-face delivery. You can specify the delivery date and time.
  • Gift wrapping service is not eligible because it will exceed the size that Nekopos can handle.