MATT thermal straw bottle

Designed perfectly for kids

Features a chubby handle that is easy to hold even with small hands! (Remove when little one is ready)



Sliding cover keeps MATT’s straw clean and is easy for toddlers to use by themselves.  The straw can be easily removed and replaced if needed.


Because he is made of stainless steel MATT can be heavy for little ones when filled with water, use ESSIE universal strap to keep him safe.






One of a kind straw 

There is a valve on the mouth of the straw, allowing control on the amount of liquid that comes out!   
The valve closes as you release your mouth, making it hard to spill and easy to drink.
The soft straw has a ball attached at the end, allowing to drink from any angle. 



Can be disassembled making it easy to wash 

There are very few parts, making it a breeze to wash!
If you use TEDDY brush set, you can wash even the inside of the straw well.





Mine not yours!

You can write your name on the bottle as well! 
(Please use an oil-based marker)




~ How to Assemble ~

Clean all parts and dry completely before use.

Product Details

MATT サーモボトル

Designed for ages 9 months to 3+ years.

Leak-proof when clicked closed, flip top lid keeps straw clean when on-the-go.

Soft and comfortable mouth touch with controlled water flow when sipped. Reusable straw is easily removed and replaced.

No spill, weighted straw ball allows drinking from many angles. Removable ergonomic handle and bottle shape designed for small hands.

High-gloss inner finishing resists corrosion and repels stains.

Parts can be disassembled for easy cleaning

Available in: lemon + mojito, arctic + blush, purple + milk tea

Product Dimensions: 157 x 75 x 130 mm

Product weight: 269g

Volume: 240 ml (fill line), 270 ml (max)

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