TEDDY cleaning brush set

TEDDY is perfect for washing spouts and straws!

You can use TEDDY to clean hard-to-get places such as small gaps and the inside of straws.The design reflects the roundness and cuteness of a teddy bear.

TEDDY makes it easy to wash your meroware, making cleaning times a fun time!

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Each brush is the perfect fit for each part of the spout!

If you have TEDDY, even the smallest gaps and straws that are difficult to clean will be squeaky clean everyday.

The brushes are dishwasher compatible (Please place them in the upper basket when cleaning).

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How to assemble ALICE

After cleaning, let’s assemble it!

Click here if you do not know how to assemble.

Clean all parts and dry completely before use.

Teddy cleaning brush set

There’s no escape from cleaning so we might as well feel good while doing it.

Product Details

TEDDY クリーニングブラシセット 

Set of 3 universal cleaning brush, differently-shaped
brushes for cleaning mero straw, lid, and spouts
Ergonomic handle with finger recess
Brushes are held together on a ring, open ring to separate individual brushes
Top Rack Dishwasher safe
Available in:lemon + blush / cocoa+cream
Product weight:13.9g
Heat resistance temperature
Seam part: 100C Material:Polypropylene
Handle part:100C Material:Polypropylene
Brush-holding ring: 100C Material:Polypropylene
Brush for straw:120C Material:Nylon
Brush for bottle:120C  Material:Nylon
Brush for small spaces:120C Material:Nylon






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