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MATT kid straw set - arctic+blush & puzzle

MATT kid straw set - arctic+blush & puzzle

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The set includes a very lightweight MATT straw bottle and a replacement straw!

- MATT straw bottle
Lightweight MATT kids straw bottle for thirsty kids A clear PP bottle has appeared in the MATT series.
Featuring mero patterns that changes color when filled with cold drinks (below 25°C) .
Straws can be stored in the flip-top lid and it closes with a click, so you can rest assured when you go out.
With a soft straw that is easy for small children to drink, The children's straw of this bottle is a straight type that allows you to drink until the last drop.
(It is a type that does not have a ball at the end of the straw)

* Color change may vary depending on usage environment and frequency.
*The lid and straw are dishwasher-safe (when using, please put them in the upper basket)
* Please wash the bottle body gently by hand.

Color Variations: arctic + blush & puzzle
                             lemon + mojito & bobba
                             elephant + army & forest 
                             caramel + milk tea & terrazzo
                             milk tea + purple & crown 

Capacity: 400ml

- MATT straw bottle replaement straw
Replacement straight straw exclusively for "MATT straw bottle (400ml)".
Pack includes 2 upper straws and 1 main body.
Easy clean straw can be easily removed, washed and replaced.

* Dishwasher compatible (Please put in the upper basket)

[Recommended age: 3 years old or whenever the child can hold the bottle upright to drink]




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