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ALICE sippy cup soft straw-rose

ALICE sippy cup soft straw-rose

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Perfect for baby's small mouth! ALICE is recommended for the training period where baby learns to drink out of a straw

Designed with a wobble, the sippy bottle moves around but does not tip over!
It closes tightly and does not leak easily, making it convenient for going out.
It's a soft straw that's perfect for babies' small mouths, and it comes with a handle so you can hold it firmly!
The weight ball at the end of the 360 straw allows drinking from any angle.

The "Eastman Tritan copolyester" used in the bottle body is a resilient and supple material with glass-like transparency.
Fill marks that lets you know at a glance how much was drunk
The spout and main body can be disassembled for easy cleaning
Dome cap protects the drinking spouts and straws from dirt

*It is recommended to replace the soft straw (drinking spout) every 3 months.
* Dishwasher compatible (Please put in the upper basket when using)

[Recommended age: from around 9 months]

Color variations: teal

Capacity: 300ml (maximum fill line 240ml)

Spout can be swapped → straw → kids spout part (sold separately) as your child grows.

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