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ELLE snack ball-mustard

ELLE snack ball-mustard

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6,600円(税込)購入で、【LUKE クリーニングクロス】を1点プレゼント!

A fun way to snack, ♪ ELLE snack ball

Snacking or play, ELLE snack ball is a snack container that's also fun and engaging.
The patterned outer layer is perfect for small fingers providing just enough grip.
Naturally learning to hold the rolling snack ball, children enjoy grabbing their snacks by themself.

Use with install inner crumb cover to control portion size or remove the inner crumb cover for bigger portions.

All parts can be disassembled and washed, so cleaning is easy.

The "Eastman Tritan copolyester" container is known for its glass-like transparency and safety.

[Estimated use: around 1-6 years old]

* Dishwasher compatible (Please put in the upper basket)
*Note: The ELLE snack ball lid only opens to 90 degrees, please do not to open further than that.

 Color variations: mustard,
                              milk tea,

 Capacity: 150ml

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