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ESSIE universal strap-elephant+mojito

ESSIE universal strap-elephant+mojito

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A universal strap to prevent drops and lost items.

It's normal for children to drop things, however, it is very tiring for mom to pick up!

ESSIE universal strap is a perfect accessory for all your meroware! A cute flexible strap that can be attached to a chair, stroller etc. and the other end to babies and children's items.

The two straps can be connected with a mero connector part, adjusting ESSIE's length according to needs. Attaching and detaching is easy, just pull the end through the hole ! (You can fix the strap more firmly by passing it through two holes.)

Contents: 2 straps + 1 connector

Color Variations: cocoa + milk Tea
                              dusk + caramel
                              elephant + mojito
                              lemon + blush

Size: Single strap: 40cm/Length: 68cm
Load capacity: 500g

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