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MATT thermal straw bottle-lemon+mojito

MATT thermal straw bottle-lemon+mojito

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An insulated bottle that keeps the perfect temperature at all times

Straw is stored in the flip-top lid that closes with a click, so moms are rest assured when going out.
Easy for young children to drink, the 360 ball straw has a weighted ball at the end to allow drinking from any angle without spills.

For younger ages, use MATT chubby handle to function as a straw mug.
After growing up, remove the handle and use MATT as a thermal water bottle!

The design of the handle mounting part has been changed. You can install it in either direction without worrying about the front or back. Please see below for details.

A durable design that won't break even if your child accidentally drops it.
The interior is made of stainless steel resistant to corrosion.
Each part can be easily disassembled for easy washing.

Space to write your child's name to make MATT their own! (Please remove the sticker before writing.)

Contents can be kept warm for 6 hours at 40°C or higher and cold for 12 hours at 5°C

* Dishwasher top shelf compatible (Bottle body is not compatible, please handwash to protect paint)

[Recommended age: from around 9 months]

Color variations: arctic + blush 
                             lemon + mojito 
                             elephant + army 
                             caramel + milk tea 
                             milk tea + purple

Capacity: 270 ml (maximum fill line is 240 ml)

Replacement straw for MATT is also available (sold separately).
●Click here for MATT to go accessory shoulder strap that interchanges with the chubby handle.

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