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NANA & GINA mealtime gift set-mojito+milk tea

NANA & GINA mealtime gift set-mojito+milk tea

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6,600円(税込)購入で、【LUKE クリーニングクロス】を1点プレゼント!

NANA Spoon and fork set combined with GINA silicone bib. 
Also recommended as a gift! 

- NANA spoon and fork set 

For fun meal times with the whole family
NANA fork and spoon set is training tableware perfect for toddlers who are learning to eat by themselves.
NANA is designed to support children as they grow from the initial pincher grip holding from above to the adult side grip.
The easy-to-grip, chubby silicone handle is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the shape prevents the tip of the spoon or fork from sticking to the table.
The round spoon is easy to eat from any angle, The squiggle feature of the fork is that it has tines to prevent slippery noodles from falling out.
Made of durable stainless steel.
Comes in a reusable waterproof case.
Dishwasher compatible (Please put in the upper basket)

Recommended age: 1 year +

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- GINA silicone bib

Messy mealtimes can still have style.
GINA silicone bib features iconic illustrations in our classic mero colour palette.
Sturdy open pocket catches food as baby learns to self feed.
Easy to fasten yet tug proof, GINA is secure and easy to clean.

Dishwasher compatible (Please put in the upper basket)

recommended age: 6 mos +

colour variations: milk tea, army, dusty rose, caramel




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